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Did you know Romania used to have a thriving Islamic community? Unfortunately today, after the rise of communism, Islam is fading away. The few remaining Muslims are scattered around the country, many of the Masajid have been abandoned, and many lack the basics of their religion. Your donational will help fund the dawah to Romanian Muslims so we can revive Islam in Romania again.


We help convey the message of Islam to the people of Romania through our Islamic Center, translating and printing Islamic materials, building masajid, and more.


Education is a key pillar of our activities. We provide free lessons and lectures to the community and we also train duat so they can convey the message more effectively.


We help distribute food, clothes, water, and other basic life necessities to the best of our abilities, to help open the hearts of Romanians to Islam.

Our Projects

Did you know that Romania used to have a thriving Islamic community? However, with the rise of communism in Romania, Islam started to disappear. There are only a few pockets of Muslim communities left, scattered throughout the country. 

The reality is, that unless something drastic is done, these Muslims run the risk of loosing their Islamic identity.

So far, we have build a masajid, established an Islamic center, distributed clothes and other necessities, translated countless dawah materials into Romanian, conducted countless lectures, created the first ever audio translation of the Quran in Romanian, and more.

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