Did you know Romania used to have a thriving Islamic community? Unfortunately today, after the rise of communism, Islam is fading away. The few remaining Muslims are scattered around the country, many of the Masajid have been abandoned, and many lack the basics of their religion. Your donational will help fund the dawah to Romanian Muslims so we can revive Islam in Romania again.

Our Projects:

Translating Islamic Books and Materials into Romanian

Over the course of the last 15 years, GRA has translated, produced and distributed many Islamic Books and Dawah materials into Romanian which has been a huge source of benefit to the Muslim community in Romania. These works include the "Your Path to Peace Pamphlets" as well any many books written by noteworthy authors such as Dr. Bilal Philips, Dr. Abdulraheem Green, and more. Contribute now and earn this tremendous Sadaqa Jareeya to guide Romanians to Islam.

Support New Muslim through Training and Education

The team at GRA have put together countless documentaries and tutorials aimed at educating the Romanian Muslim Community and New Muslims with the fundamentals of Islam. These include tutorials such as "How to Pray" and "How to Perform Umrah" as well as documentaries which outline the state of Islam in Romania.These series are vital because of the lack of knowledge among the Romanian Muslim communities and the poor state of Islam after communism and you will be able to earn the reward for that inshaAllah.

Free Live Sessions teaching Islamic Knowledge

An important aspect of GRA's educational platform is to provide free Islamic live sessions in Romanian to engage with the Romanian community and address specific issues and concerns. We have built and utilized multiple channels such as Islam4Ro, Islam Chat Romania, and more to conduct thousands of live sessions and benefiting a countless number of Romanian Muslims. By supporting us,you will help the general Romanian population and help bridge the cultural gap by answering questions about Islam and clarifying doubts. 

International Dawah Lectures, TV Shows and Appearances

Gabriel Al Romaani has not only limited his work in GRA to the Romanian Muslim population but has also spread Islamic knowledge on an international level as well. Many of the lectures and recordings have been featured on prominent Islamic platforms such as The Deen Show, Digital Mimbar, and Daily Reminder, and have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views. Help us produce more Islamic Lectures so we can propagate the message on an international level as well.

Quran Audio Translation in Romanian Language

One of the projects that GRA is most proud of is our Romanian Audio Quran project where we produce an audio translation of the Quran in Romanian. This was the first and only project of its kind and has been in development over 3 years. The project is still continuing and we hope to complete the entire Quran soon and distribute it throughout the country. Support us now and earn this amazing opportunity to make this reach millions of Romanians inshaAllah.

Humanitarian Relief for Romania Muslims

Golden Rule Appeal regularly reaches out to the minority Muslims communities in need and provides various types of humanitarian relief such as food, clothes, and medical supplies. By supporting these Muslims with the basic necessities of life, we find them more inclined to learning more of their religion, and this is one of the best ways to win the hearts of the Romania people. Support us now and provide humanitarian relief to those in need.

Sponsor a Translation of the Quran to a New Romanian Muslim

For just $3, we can send a Romanian translation of the Quran to a new Romanian Muslims in Romania and for $16, we can send one to a Romania living in Europe. Many Romanians are curious about the Quran but do not have access to a Romanian translation the Quran. This is an amazing opportunity to give somebody the Words of Allah and help guide them closer to Islam.  Donate now for this amazing opportunity.